We are dedicated  and passionate individuals

who have been in the extreme sports industry 

for ever 20 years. Build and driven by passion, we strive for the best in every goals that we set on. To meet the demands of these freestyle sports and to be exceptionally good, we create Singapore first action sport training facility for BMX , mountain biking, aggressive inline, skate scooter and skateboarding.

 With our own in house custom build airbag system, this helps freestyle sports athletes to train safely, efficiently and to have fun in the experience.


"Airdroz Park is Singapore premier action sport training facility that use airbag landing system that enhance aerial skill training and reducing injuries. "

Airdroz park is a facilty which uses  airbag system for freestyle sports. Tested and proven from beginner to advance riders, it works by providing a massive pillow of air to cushion and absorb the landings. In addition, we ensure riders are equip with proper safety gears. We have a team of qualified experience instructors to guide you as your safety is our top priority.


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Tel. 91857814 / 98279085
email  airdrozpark@gmail.com

200 Turf Club Road The Grandstand South Carpark