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Airdroz X Goat MTB Clinic @ Ubin

Price : $90/Rider 
Duration :  4 hrs
Date : 7 May
Age: Youth and Adults
Time: 8am-12am 
Location: Pulau Ubin (Ketam MTB Park)

We will leverage the natural features from one of the best trails in Singapore, which would give you a set of tools to ride any trails with confidence. Manual, bunny hop, cornering, breaking, drops, technical riding.
Click here for more details.


Pumptrack Clinic

Price : $40 Per Rider/session
Duration : 2 hrs
Date : 12th  13th March
Age: Youth and Adults
Time: 8:30-10:30am
Location: Chesnut Pump Track
* You can choose to attend 1 or both session of the clinic.

Riding a pump track builds your bike handling skills (including cornering, weighting and unweighting the bike, and jumping) and helps you learn how to build momentum over certain section or jumps.


MTB Kids MTB Camp - Urban vs Concrete

Price : $188 Per Rider
Duration : 6 hrs (3hrs/day)
Date : 14th &15th March 2022
Bike Skill Level: Beginners/Intermediate 

Location:Day 1 ECP Skatepark, Day 2 Ubin Ketam Trails

Bike:MTB or BMX Day 1, MTB Day 2
Fees are inclusive of ferry Tickets and isotonic drinks. 

Click Here for Camp activities and guides 

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Airbag Jump Clinic

Price : $88 Per Rider
Duration : 2 hrs
Date : 20th March 2022
Minimum of 3 riders to 10 riders per clinic
Bike Skill Level: Beginners/Intermediate 

Spice up your riding and experience big airtime on your bike with airbag jump. Get your riding  friends sign up and learn how to jump on our airbag. Lesson includes basic jump fundamental skills such as hops and manuals.


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