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Freestyle sports such as BMX, mountain biking, aggressive inline, skate scooter and skateboarding have been evolving rapidly. These athletes need to have proper safety training facility to ensure they can train safely and efficiently. Since there will be an inception of BMX Freestyle Park and Skateboarding in 2020 TOKYO Olympics, there is a need for our local athletes to excel in their sports.


To meet the demands of these freestyle sports and to be exceptionally good, we create Singapore first action sport training facility for BMX , mountain biking, aggressive inline, skate scooter and skateboarding. With our own in house custom build airbag system, GRAVITYBAG, it helps freestyle sports athletes to train safely, efficiently and to have fun in the experience.

Airdroz Park is Singapore premier action sport training facility that use airbag landing system that enhance aerial skill training and reducing injuries. 

GRAVITYBAG is an airbag system for freestyle sports. Tested and proven from beginner to advance riders, it works by providing a massive pillow of air to cushion and absorb the landings. In addition, we ensure riders are equip with proper safety gears. We have a team of qualified experience instructors to guide you as your safety is our top priority.

With such facility, system and team, these help in the athletes' build up of skills such as the increment of aerial confidence and ultimately to excel in their sports. GRAVITYBAG reduces your injuries, increase in your learning and maximises your time in training to optimum level. 

GRAVITYBAG system is easy and portable for any events both indoor and outdoor. We too provide rental of GRAVITYBAG system with a kicker of your choice and an operator. You could also get the whole package with riders performing cool spectacular aerial trick for your events. 

Steezy big air tricks from these MTB riders. __fermanshahp _mza

Age is definately not an issue when you have so much passion in riding

Since he got his flips dialed and now he is throwing combos along the way. Caught him redhanded

Lets roll this weekend!!

We are open on May Day 1st May 2018. From 8am - 10pm_Theres free tryout for the ladies for this day.

Flipping good times at the park

Awesome session with _20incho boys.They killing it with backflips, fronties,720s,360barcombos. _bren

Free yourself and fly like and eagle

Freerider unleash boys getting pumped today for airbag session

Dont throw away your wrist tags

Good afternnoon session with _rip_ryan_scoot , giving him some tips on how to frontie

View from the top !!_#airdrozpark

Which scooter backflip is the best looking _ __lilbraydenr __nil_scoot17 __paulo_scootss __valentin

These boys enjoying saturday morning scooter session.__david_gareth_marshall _hunter_rides_the_scoot