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The Novice Package ​

​1-1 Coaching program
$650per person (Promotion Price)
Total of 6 lesson of 2 hrs each lesson.


Course overview
A total of 6 hours of lesson that starts from the basics fundamental bike skills. Including Airtime lesson ,Development and Flow. From jumping skills to trails riding. This lesson is highly recommended for novice riders or for someone who need to get back to basics. Book for the lesson at your own convenience time and date. Save more money when you book a package with us.

Airtime Lesson 

2hrs x 2 session 

Pump progression – Using correct body position, pumping and squashing to generate speed. Understanding the speed needed to jump, and improve balance.

Jump theory – The physics behind balanced jumping, explanations and demonstrations of the different techniques and when to use them.

Table-top session – Mastering balanced jumping through timing, speed and control. Grasping how to get safe air and land smoothly.

Bunny Hop - Progressively learn the basic of bunny hop. 

Manual-  One of the most fun skills that are essential for bike riding. 

Jump progression and feedback – Progression session, with video feedback and coaching.

Development - Trails development
2hrs x 2 session 
Course content

No matter your level of experience or skill - you will transform your riding to the next level.

Trail Essentials walks you through proper body position over the bike, and how this translates to various techniques and skills on the bike. We will go teach you how  turn in both directions , riding over roots and other obstacles in the trails.This class is the good way to build your foundation or refresh your skills for the upcoming session.

Bike setup check – We’ll make sure your bike and suspension are tweaked so they’re working as well as they possibly can for you.

Body position – Understanding the physics behind riding modern mountain bikes well. How correct balance, posture and movement can rapidly improve your riding helping you ride consistently over anything you encounter.

Steep descents – Staying in balance and maximising traction at very slow speeds, before mastering the techniques to speed up safely on steep trails.

Core bike handling skills – Manuals, floating through rough sections, and bunny hopping. Where, when and how to use them to your advantage on the trail.

Steps and Safe drop-off techniques – Total control in the trickiest of situations, at both high and low speed.

Cornering foundations – How to maintain traction, conserve your speed and hit the best lines in and out of turns.

This lesson course delivers a technique of riding that will allow you to ride the DH or enduro like trails smoothly and efficiently. 

Flow Lesson
2hrs x 2 session 
Course content

Pumping for speed – How and where to pump so you can gain free speed on any trail whilst maintaining a balanced and strong body position.

Squashing for control and speed – Squashing bumps, jumps, drops, rocks and rough sections so you can approach trail features with full confidence and ride faster.

Line choice and optimum speed – Choosing smooth and fast lines on the trail and learning the optimum speed to make trail features flow.

Advanced Flat corners – Leaning the bike and how to carve turns, maintaining grip and how to keep your speed. Mastering the drills so you can continue to improve after the course.

Advanced Berms – How to stay off the brakes, lean more than ever before and exit even faster. Take away techniques to constantly improve your skills.

Focus and Flow – Analysis of a full trial including how and when to use core skills and speed techniques to make the trail flow.

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