Progression is the most important and basic of MTB skills your need. This is where you learn and gain confidence to better yourself for your next riding session.

Image by Clement Delhaye


Advanced Cornering ,steep descend and drops. We learn on switch back turns,fast turns. Correct body posture and speed. Learn how to ride off a drop the right way.

Image by Chris Henry


After you mastered the basic essential bike handling skills this course you will learn how to gain speed , flow better and while conserving energy and carrying momentum.



This is where all the fun starts. After mastering basic jump skills your can take is to another level. Learn to gain more confident, bigger airtime and even tricks with no worries of bad injuries.



Learn how to "fly" confidently relaxed and land smoother. We teach you the basic fundamentals techniques to jump like a PRO


Pumptrack & BMX Freestyle

Pumping is the  basic skills that most of the riders are missing out. Good pumping technique will Improve on your trails riding  and bmx skills. 

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