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National Day - Launch of Resi Box Jump

Airdroz Park Celebrates National Day.

Come down to the park on this day filled with fun activities and chill in the evening riding and BBQ session. We will offically launch our resibox jump on this day. For those who are ready to hit the real jumps with your tricks or for them to get the tricks right.Other activities include:

Trampoline Bike Session

Game of BIKE

Free How to Backflip Clinic by our park locals

Enjoy special National Day promotion rates:

Airbag session $20per entry (9am-4pm)

Resi Box $20per entry (4pm-10pm)

*Resibox session will only operate from (4pm-10pm)

Airbag & Resibox Jump Session $30 per entry (9am-10pm)

BBQ $10/pax

Come down and join the fun !!



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