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Unity Jam 2018 Results

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

It was lit. Singapore first ever freestyle airbag contest was held at Airdroz park on 7th July. Scooter riders David and Nil was fighting for the 1st prize that was on stake. Nil threw every trick he could but could not beat David consistency and his biggest trick , flipwhip. David took the 1st position leaving Nil behind.

Scooter Best Tricks

1st David Marshall

2nd Nil

In the MTB Best Tricks category we had 2 experience riders who are well over in 40s participated. Much respect to Dolf riding his full DH setup for the contest and still sending it hard with flip. That does not leave another guy Jeff Miswari a father of 2 in the dark. Relentlessly he gave all out with flips variations to impress the judges. But in the end a new comer to the scene Daryl Ong took the podium with his consistency and smooth landing trick. Izz an upcoming young rider did not failed to impress the crowd with tuck no hander and superman trick.Unfortunately "Monkey" injured himself during practise and only could manage to pull a single flip for his finals.

MTB Best Tricks

1st Daryl

2nd Dolf

3rd Izz

4th Monkey

5th Jeff

Lets get down to BMX category we had all star old school riders coming for the contest. Legend BMX dirt jumper Bam Bam was at his best during the qualifiers but did not keep up with his clean tricks for the finals. Naseer epic 720 cork did not came clean and got him on 4th place. Luke kept the best for last and did 360 backflip for the win. New comer to the game was Weeloon,

he has bags of technical 360 combos and double whips that made him top of his game.

BMX Best Tricks

1st Weeloon

2nd Luke

3rd Bam

4th Naseer

5th Farhaan

Whipp Off

1st Izz

2nd Dolf

3rd Bambam

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