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Airbag technology makes its clean and easy setup for anytime and place.

Provide tryouts or clinics for spectators.Singapore top action sports atheletes 

The ultimate action experience.

A variety of high energy stunt shows to maximize your entertainment value.

High safety standard

Professionalism and courtesy are always paramount.

Showcase a hi adrenaline rush action sports tricks.

Performers going big air with big tricks that has never been seen before in Singapore

Please do contact us for your event quotation.


Mixture of BMX , MTB , Inline skaters and Scooter performers

Singapore only Airbag system technology Stunt show with action sports discipline

From 10 minute stunt show to any variable time needed.

Performed on any flat level surface

Compact size event space 

Mobile ramps setup are easy. Minimum of 2 hour set up and 2 hour pack up time.

Great for agricultural shows, festivals, fairs and half time sporting events.

Customize the show to suit your event. 

Airdroz Freestyle Show is dedicated to provide the most thrilling engaging and professionally action sport shows around.


AirdrozBikes Skills Academy

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Tel : 91857814 / 98279085 / 84682575
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200 Turf Club Road The Grandstand South Carpark

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