• Mixture of BMX , MTB , Inline skaters and Scooter performers

  • Singapore only Airbag system technology Stunt show with action sports discipline

  • From 10 minute stunt show to any variable time needed.

  • Performed on any flat level surface

  • Compact size event space 

  • Mobile ramps setup are easy. Minimum of 2 hour set up and 2 hour pack up time.

  • Great for agricultural shows, festivals, fairs and half time sporting events.

  • Customize the show to suit your event. 

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  • Airbag technology makes its clean and easy setup for anytime and place.

  • Provide tryouts or clinics for spectators.

  • Singapore top action sports atheletes 

  • The ultimate action experience.

  • A variety of high energy stunt shows to maximize your entertainment value.

  • High safety standard

  • Professionalism and courtesy are always paramount.

  • Showcase a hi adrenaline rush action sports tricks.

  • Performers going big air with big tricks that has never been seen before in Singapore

  • Please do contact us for your event quotation.

Airdroz Freestyle Show is dedicated to provide the most thrilling engaging and professionally action sport shows around.