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Technical - MTB Advance Drops Cornering & descend 
1-1 Coaching
1 session: $150 per Rider
3 session Package : $400 per Rider

Duration : 2 hrs  
Bike Skill Level : Intermediate,Advance
Location : Kent Ridge Bike Park

"Go fast , go for bigger drops and brap that berm"

This lesson course delivers a technique of riding that will allow you to ride the DH or enduro like trails smoothly and efficiently. 

Advanced Cornering ,steep descend and drops. We learn on switch back turns,fast turns. Correct body posture and speed. We’ll also get into bike body separation relative to the ground we are on and the speed we are carrying.Learn how to ride off a drop the right way.

Pumping – How and where to pump so you can gain free speed on any trail whilst maintaining a balanced and strong body position.

Control and speed – Squashing bumps, jumps, drops, rocks and rough sections so you can approach trail features with full confidence and ride faster.

Line choice and optimum speed – Choosing smooth and fast lines on the trail and learning the optimum speed to make trail features flow.

Steep drop progression – When the ground steepens and speed increases small drops can become big news. We’ll look at the safe technique for dropping from height on to very steep landings in full control.

Control on very steep sections – Simplifying steep and daunting sections of trail with great body position and brake control to effectively manage your speed and grip

Berms – How to stay off the brakes, lean more than ever before and exit even faster. Take away techniques to constantly improve your skill

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