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Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Unity Jam 2018 A Freestyle Airbag Contest

7TH July 2018


Unity Jam is an freestyle airbag contest which riders will show off your best trick. Calling all extreme sports enthusiast lets get united come down and show us what you got.Send it !!

Category Scooter - Open BMX - Open MTB - Open Whipp Off - MTB

Rules of the contest. Jam format of 15mins for a group of 3-5 riders. Best trick of each rider will be taken as final score Top 5 riders qualify to Finals Top 3 winners for each category

Whip Off Contest - MTB 3 runs each , best whip wins - 1 winner

Its been so long that we had a home grown contest. Now its time for you to shine with all your bangers tricks and show off your best whip with your bikes. Contest are open to Scooter, BMX and MTB category. Lets make this happen ! Early Bird Registration are now open. Register now !!

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