Lesson Overview

If this is your first time with riding airbag session , please do book for beginner bike jump skill lesson that will serve as introductory lessons where you’ll learn the basics and be also be  assessed to find out the appropriate lesson plan that’s suitable for you to follow up.

If you’ve already had attend our lesson or if you are an experience rider with basic bike skills, we would recommended you to book lesson without coach.
For other non Airbag MTB & BMX Bike skill lesson can be conducted at any MTB trails or skatepark of your choice. 

Terms and Conditions

Booking to be made 12 hours before lesson time.
Our booking system is based upon a first-come, first-served basis; the customer that makes a payment first will always receive priority.
Payments are non refundable, however unused sessions can be credited to your account or you will be given vouchers In the event of bad weather where session is unavailable, unused sessions will be credited to your account or be given vouchers.
We reserve the right to ask for a form of ID to confirm age.
No refund for cancelation of session if the rider cancels his session less than or equal to 24 hours prior to the start of the session.
Riders must adhere to the safety regulations of Airdrozpark - breaking the safety rules (including but not limited to dangerous activities) may result in your session being terminated
Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled session time
Please note: Wet Weather Policy - Airdroz is not allowed to operate while raining or while the park is wet.
In the event of wet weather:
Before your event, on the day: We will inform you in advance, in which case you may reschedule on a new date with no extra charges.
During your event: If the session cannot continue due to weather, we will offer you vouchers for the unused sessions, which can be used upon return visit(s).
We do not provide any insurance coverage

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Progression is the most important and basic of MTB skills your need. This is where you learn and gain confidence to better yourself for your next riding session.



Learn how to "fly" confidently relaxed and land smoother. We teach you the basic fundamentals techniques to jump like a PRO

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After you mastered the basic essential bike handling skills this course you will learn how to gain speed , flow better and while conserving energy and carrying momentum.



This is where all the fun starts. After mastering basic jump skills your can take is to another level. Learn to gain more confident, bigger airtime and even tricks with no worries of bad injuries.



Advanced Cornering ,steep descend and drops. We learn on switch back turns,fast turns. Correct body posture and speed. Learn how to ride off a drop the right way.


Pumptrack & BMX Freestyle

Pumping is the  basic skills that most of the riders are missing out. Good pumping technique will Improve on your trails riding  and bmx skills.