Kids Bike Skills Classes  

This lesson will teach them how to ride bike safely,moving and stopping, basic bike balance and control, bike maneuvering, pumping , bunny hop and lots more. Fun filled activites and games in store for them. 
Age : 6-12yrs
Duration : 1hr

Freestyle Airbag Rental

Airbag rental for any event that suit your needs.For extreme sports or for movie stuntman. We provide airbag rental or Resi airbag box jump with kickers. 

Basic Bike Skills Lesson

If you have good bike control and want increase your bike skills this lesson is for you.In this lesson we will teach you the basic of jumping including  how to bunny hop , manual , front and rear hop and also jumping from a small kicker. 
- Good for riders no bike jumping experience
- Improve your overall bike skills

Ramps Building and Event Consultation

We build custom made ramps for all sizes for any event or personal usage. Contact us for free quotation.

Personal Coaching 

Get one on one private session with our coaches to teach and guide you in any of biking skills that you are interested to improve and learn. From beginner to expert let us know what your needs and our experience instructir will be there to coach you.